Fix misspelled email addresses in JavaScript

📮 An ultratiny (1.9 KB) and fast JavaScript email checker to reduce users typing a wrong email. Written in TypeScript. Enterprise-grade.

Marta garcia
Alexander Guy Head of Marketing & Growth at Zerion
Farza Majeed Founder at (YC S20)
Maricris Bonzo head of community and entrepreneur buildspace

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Install @zootools/email-spell-checker

npm i @zootools/email-spell-checker --save


Import and call

method to validate your email

import emailSpellChecker from '@zootools/email-spell-checker';

const suggestion ={
  email: ''


If the user made a typo, suggestion contain the fixed email. 🎉

if (suggestion) {
  // dev: user made a typo -- handle the suggestion.
  // for example: show a message to fix the email.

  console.log(suggestion.address); // jorge
  console.log(suggestion.domain); //
  console.log(suggestion.full); //

First-class developer experience you deserve

🔥 18k+ weekly downloads

Top companies and brand use it every day in demanding production products.

⚡️ Lightning fast

Highly performant email checking using Sift3 - a fast and accurate string distance algorithm.

🔨 1-minute migration

Same API and functions as mailcheck so you can switch in a sec!

🔋 Updated

39+ popular domains, and 66+ modern TLDs out-of-the-box. Frequently updated.

🚀 Ridiculously small

1.9KB (minzip) and 0 external dependencies. We agree, big bundles suck!

💙 Written in TypeScript

Fully written in TypeScript, cause we know you love it and we too.

⚙️ Extensible

Allows you to pass your custom rules and domains. Tweak it as you need.

🔐 Unit tested

Cause we'd never use a library without tests :).

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