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How to prefill signup forms with user information?

Jorge Ferreiro

Updated: Sep 03, 2023

Do you already know your respondent’s name, email, or other information? With Hidden Fields, you can pass this information into your form. Your respondents have a more customized experience and spend less time filling out the form.

Which fields can I pre-populate on ZooTools?

Here is a list of all the fields you can prepopulate in the forms. You can pretty much prepopulate any questions in your forms.

For advanced questions like single-select or multi-select, we don't have a way to do it as of today.

Note: You must add any of these fields to your form in order to prefill them.

Field key



Add a user email


User first name


User last name


Twitter username. Must start with an @. e.g: @jgferreiro


Valid user wallet for web3 and cryptocurrency.

How do I prefill ZooTools form fields?

Let's say this is your zootools's URL:

Short answer: just add parameters to your ZooTools signup form with the fields you want to prefill at the end like ?


  • Email:

  • First name:

  • First name + email:

  • Crypto address:

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