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How to create a VIRAL WAITLIST 🦄 Pre launch waitlist tutorial

Jorge Ferreiro

Updated: Sep 08, 2023

In this blog post, we'll explore the effortless integration of viral waitlists into your website. Whether you're aiming to create a viral waitlist or enhance user engagement for your product, website, or blog, we'll use this as our reference. A special thanks to Ron for allowing us to demonstrate this on WaitlistPanda as one of its early adopters.

I'm Jorge, co-founder of, the simplest way to create a viral waitlist. Here's how to create a new waitlist seamlessly in the dashboard. These waitlists are an ideal fit for websites.

Now, let's move on to the process of creating the waitlist. When someone subscribes to your waitlist, you'll see new entries here. I'll demonstrate this using the self-hosted waitlist. You can request access and invite friends to boost virality. In the near future, we'll be adding features such as sending emails to specific users or the entire list.

Now, let's delve into the form builder, which is crucial for adding the waitlist to your website. It's incredibly user-friendly. First, adjust the primary color. I'll fetch the color from Ron's website and update it using the color picker. You can make further tweaks, like rounded corners, and customize the confirmation message. This is just the beginning, so let us know what additional features you'd like.

Once you've published the changes, let's proceed to the embedded form. We offer support for these forms on any website, whether it's a React project or a straightforward vanilla JavaScript site. In the near future, we'll include React as an option and provide more embedding choices based on your requests.

The process is straightforward. Copy the script and paste it anywhere on your website. I'll paste it next to Ron's dark mode button. After refreshing the page, everything is seamlessly connected. You can further customize the appearance by adjusting styles or using class names.

What's great is that you can place these buttons anywhere on your site, whether at the top or bottom, and they'll function as intended. You can even add multiple buttons if needed.

Should you have any questions, feel free to email me at or find us on social media as JD Ferrero. Stay tuned as you effectively showcase your waitlist.

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