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Tag contacts and send personalized emails

Jorge Ferreiro

Updated: Jan 11, 2024

Effortlessly manage contacts with new tag creation and CSV Import Features! One of the most highly request features on ZooTools's CRM.

Create a tag

Create a new tag on ZooTools CRM
  1. Go to your "contacts" and click on the new tab "Tags".

  2. Put a unique tag name (e.g: "Black Friday Lead") and click "Create tag"

  3. Your tag is created and you can import new contacts!

Import contacts and assign tags

choose tags to import in the CSV

We updated the CSV importer to support tagging your contacts:

  1. Click on "Add contacts" -> "Import CSV"

  2. In the last step, you can assign in bulk the same tag to multiple contacts.

Send emails to specific contacts

Send target emails

Thanks to the new tag feature you can now send email campaigns to specific users.

  1. Create an "email campaign"

  2. In the last step, choose the list of tags to send the email to.

  3. You will see a preview of the total number of contacts that will receive your email

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