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Schedule Email Campaigns

Jorge Ferreiro

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Today we're introducing a new email marketing feature, the easiest way to schedule your email campaigns in the future. You can now send a campaign in minutes, hours, days, months, or even years from now!

Prepare in advance and avoid manual tasks.

Many of you told us that when you send an important email marketing campaign you have to coordinate efforts with different people in your company, and you have to send the emails at the right time to drive traffic to your campaigns.

Before, it wasn't just possible, since you had to manually send the campaign (which can be so time-consuming and give you more tasks on your plate), so we got heads down to solve this problem for you.

Schedule in minutes, Hours, Months, or Even Years in Advance.

You can now schedule emails with incredible granularity - down to the minute, hour, month, or even years in advance.

You can schedule with a minimum of 15 minutes from now. This gives us enough time to prepare our systems for the scale of your campaign and make sure everything runs smoothly, and also it gives you time to make any final changes in case you catch any typos or broken URLs. You should test it before thought 😄

Get Real-Time Updates

The anxiety of wondering if your scheduled emails are going out as planned is a thing of the past. ZooTools provides you with real-time updates, ensuring you're informed and in control. Receive timely notifications as your campaigns are about to launch, allowing you to make any last-minute adjustments or simply bask in the anticipation of your marketing brilliance.

Are you ready to reclaim your time and revolutionize your marketing efforts? Log in to your ZooTools account today and discover the power of the "Schedule Email Campaigns" feature.

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