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Exclude contacts from email campaigns and transactional

Jorge Ferreiro

Updated: Jan 17, 2024

Now you can exclude contacts both on marketing email campaigns and transactional emails. Many of you are already using this feature to allow a user to unsubscribe from specific emails.

You can exclude contacts by their properties that you created on ZooTools CRM. We'll be adding soon support to exclude contacts by built-in properties like email, first name, and signed date.

Create Contact Properties

Currently, we allow you to exclude contacts on custom contact properties you create on ZooTools that are boolean (true or false).

  1. Go to your "project"

  2. Go to "Properties" and "Create new property.", make sure it's boolean.

    contact properties
  3. All set up! Now it's time to use these properties for your email campaigns.

Exclude contacts from an email campaign

Now let's use the property we created in the email campaign

  1. Go to "Emails" and create a "new campaign"

  2. In the last step, "Add rule", and select the property we created above "unsubscribeMonthlyUpdates".

    exclude contacts from email campaign

Now you are good to go! Ready to use this feature? Go to your ZooTools account

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