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Create contacts on the dashboard!

Jorge Ferreiro

Updated: Apr 26, 2024

Want to create a new contact into your project? You don't longer need to import a CSV file, use the API or create a form, you can directly add them on your dashboard.

How to create a new contact on ZooTools manually?

  1. Go to your ZooTools account.

  2. Inside the "Contacts" tab, click on the new "+ Add" button

  3. A new modal appears, fill the details with the contact information

  4. Click "Create contact"

If the email was already added before, we'll update the contact's first name and last name with the new information.

If the email doesn't exist, then we'll create a new record in your CRM.

Want to add contacts automatically?

On top of adding new contacts manually, you can also automate the process and create new contacts using:

  • ZooTools's Contacts API

  • Uploading a new CSV file.

  • Using the Zootools API

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