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ZooTools is the easiest way to collect leads and build your audience. Create viral waitlists, gamified competitions, referrals and more.

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We doubled our users from 6,000 to 12,000+ (100% growth) in just 48 hours after migrating to ZooTools. It's insane! 🤯

The viral rewards to boost and engage our users built a whole organic machine and saved us a marketing budget. We love ZooTools!

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Nilesh. ORB co-founder

Viral forms that gets you 10x more users

Reward your most loyal users when completing actions like sharing their email, joining a Discord server, connecting a wallet address, referring their friends, etc. Optimized for user acquisition in web3.

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Ask questions to your users with engaging widgets: signup goals, connect to social (Twitter, Discord...), connect wallet, etc.

Bots protection

We pioneered an anti-spam technology that blocks and protects you against bots in real time. Say goodbye to bad guys.

Fixing email typos

Reduce bounced emails and say goodbye to bad subscribers in your list. We pioneered an email spell check detector.

One time passwords

Improve email delivery by verifying your users emails with a one-time password. Only allow valid users to join your list.

SEO-ready forms

Increase your form reach on Google by customizing your title, images and descriptions.

Brand customization

Bring your brand to life uploading images, logos, picking up your colors and choosing your theme (dark or light mode).

We launch updates and improvements every 2 weeks!







[ Coming soon ]

Automate marketing flows to engage more frequently with your audience

Motivate your users celebrating milestones, rewarding top contributors, and more.

10 friends referred email
Join Discord reminder
Top weekly users
Onboarding Discord DMs
Assign VIP role to user
Verify wallet on-chain
Slack when new user
Receive updates on Zapier
Many more to come!

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